June Newsletter

May 27, 2019                                                                        Volume XVI, Issue II


  June 6 at 5:45 PM

St. Marks Church

Membership Meeting to elect This Year’s Board of Directors, And

  to prepare the hall for your Council Member,

David Yungmann, District 5

Chairman’s Message

Please attend to cast your vote in the election of a new Board of Directors. If you have a nomination to the Board you may submit it in writing any time before the 6th. You must be a dues-paying member to vote. See the membership info below or visit the website to join via Paypal. We also need a few hands to arrange the seating for Mr. Yungmann’s Town Hall and possible some help directing traffic. Please email me on these matters — Dan — danielol12832h@gmail.com

Councilman Yungmann’s Town Hall begins at 7:00 PM

This Town Hall will be focused on the Highland, Clarksville, and Fulton areas. Future Town Halls for western Howard County and the Ellicott City area will be announced – stay tuned!

David Yungmann | dyungmann@howardcountymd.gov  | 410.313.2001 | Website

Zoning Updates

  • Industrial Solar is proposed for Broadwater Lane area near Route 32 in Clarksville. 19 of 51 acres (32.4%) are to be covered with solar panels, comprising almost all of the arable farm land. A small horse farm tenant will remain, but there are no written assurances this operation will continue. The maximum allowable percentage is 34%.  The Agricultural Land Preservation Board has approved the plan. GHCA  has joined with Howard County Citizens Association, HCCA, Concerned Citizens of Western Howard County, CCHWC and neighbors on Broadwater Lane to oppose this commercial/industrial use on Agricultural Preserve land. We taxpayers paid for  Farmland Forever, not solar triple-dipping: ALP payments, minimal real estate taxes, and solar rents as high as $1500 per acre. Update: Following citizens’ objections on May 23, the Hearing Examiner ordered another Pre-submission Meeting and postponed the hearings until July 22.

County Executive, Calvin Ball’s First Town Hall, June 11.

GHCA is co-sponsoring this event with the main sponsor HCCA. It is critical that this 400-seat venue be filled with active citizens. Although he has conducted listening tours, this is the first time that Dr. Ball will be taking questions from audience members.

HCCA will be providing Ledo’s pizza starting at 6:30!

All attendees will be receiving a Special Gift.

For many reasons we need you to register to attend. Click the link below for details and click on the “Register” link.


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