Minutes of Feb. 23rd Meeting

Greater Highland Crossroads Association (GHCA)

Meeting Minutes


7:00PM-8:15PM EDT

Prepared By: GHCA Secretary


GHCA Officers and Board:

Dan O’Leary
Kathy O’Leary

Charlotte Williams
Alan Schneider
Geoff Jackson
Adam Collison

Paul Collison
Majeedah Johnson-Collison

Hilda Matthieu
Scott Shearer

Residents of Howard County

Tuerk House Staff:

Bernard Foster, Executive Director
Albert Arrington, Residential House Manager
Brian Zimmerman, Facilities Director

Mayra Diaz, Director of Operations



Welcome (Charlotte Williams, President)

    • Charlotte Williams welcomed attendees and provided an overview of the history of GHCA.
    • Alan Schneider provided an overview of the rebuild project for St. Mark’s Episcopal Church.

Old Business

    1. Nomination of Directors (Dan O’Leary, Chairman)
      • The following leadership was confirmed by the Board: Paul Collison, Adam Collison, Geoff Jackson, Stu Kohn, Dan O’Leary, Director and Chairman, Alan Schneider, Scott Shearer, and Charlotte Williams, Director and President, Hilda Mathieu, Vice President
      • 8 out of 9 positions are filled.
      • Nominations for the remaining position were encouraged.
      • Board will be elected at next membership meeting
    2. Zoning Committee Update (Dan O’ Leary, Chairman)
      1. Successful opposition to crippling commercial solar farms (CSFs) on Agricultural Preserved Land. CSFs are now limited to the lesser of 20% or 16 acres and 2 Megawatts.
      2. Zoning Violations Cured (Dan O’Leary, Chairman): Highland Crossing: Landscaping, restored, handicap parking restored, shed removed.
        • An official zoning violation was filed when landscaping was denuded. Result: Landscaping and buffers were restored to original plan.
      3. Hall Shop Road: Junk vehicles removed, and paving operations  ceased.
        • An asphalt paving contractor sought, and was granted a BR zoning (business Rural). He was permitted to run an operation with improvements to be made to the property. GHCA investigated lack of improvements. Apparently, the operation moved to another location.
        • Complaint of Junk vehicles at 2 other locations resulted in vehicles being removed.
      4. Rte 108 First House North of Grey Pony Site: Contractor operations ceased.
        • A violation was filed. against a contractor asphalt operation. Apparently, the operation has moved to another location with equipment and staging area.

New Business

  1. Presentation by Tuerk House Staff, followed by Q & A- Charlotte Williams
    • Bernard Foster, Executive Director, provided an overview of Tuerk House which has been in operation for over 50 years and has worked in Howard County for 20 years. Tuerk House works with the Howard County Health Department to provide services to Howard County residents. Foster provided a background regarding Tuerk House’s alcohol and drug abuse treatment care facility developing in Highland.
    • Foster noted that there are not many long-term treatment programs available for women who are working toward living in sobriety. Thus, Tuerk House aims to provide a means for pregnant women who are residents of Howard County to receive treatment in Howard County. The property where the treatment facility is planned for is located on Route 12752 Scaggsville Rd. (MD 216). The estimated timeline to launch the program is July 1, 2023.
    • The facility is residential and at a 3.1 level of care. Therefore, residents housed are one step away from living independently. The program is designed for pregnant women. Tuerk House has security measures and staff to monitor residents.

Question/Answers (from Howard County Residents to Tuerk House Staff)

  • Highland is a remote location and therefore does not have public transportation nor many sidewalks for pedestrians. Describe how transportation will be managed for patients.
  • A: The facility will have a van for patients.
  • How many staff will be on site at all times?
  • A: The maximum number of patients in the program is 15. There are two staff on site at all times.
  • Can Tuerk House confirm that the facility will only be utilized by pregnant women and not become instead a men’s facility? Is there any binding documentation?
  • A: The program is designed for pregnant women, either in their first or second trimester, who have been sober for at least 30 days.
  • Describe activities that the residents will do while at the facility.
  • A: There is a daily schedule for re-assimilating into the community. Objectives for patients include receiving therapy, transitional housing, employment, education and/or trade school.
  • There are concerns regarding improvement for right-of-way in cooperation with nearby property owners. Confirm that street signage to be added for new traffic navigating to the facility.
  • A: This information will be included in the executive summary provided by Tuerk House.
  • How are needs assessed for pregnant women who are assigned to the program?
  • A: Each individual is assigned based on medical necessity, often by Medicaid. The number of days, between 30-60 days are also assigned.
  • What kind of signage will be posted?
  • A: No signage is planned to be posted at the facility.
  • Are visitors permitted to visit residents in the program?
  • A: Only staff who work at the program are permitted at the facility. Visitors are not allowed. Any patients who violate the no visitors rule are removed from the program. Patients who are removed from the program are referred and transitioned to another program. Cell phones are not permitted by residents.
  • There was discussion and concern about the facility being solely a men’s drug rehab program. Can the community be provided with a 1-page description including objectives, safeguards, clientele?
  • A: Tuerk House will provide a summary including the information requested by March 16, 2023.
  • What was the cost of the property purchase?
  • A:1. 4 million                                                                                                                                            


  • The public meeting adjourned and GHCA leadership concluded the question/answer session.

Post-Meeting Discussion between GHCA & Howard County Residents

  • O’Leary and Williams discussed that upon receipt of the executive summary, the document will be reviewed for revisions and next steps.

Next Meeting Date/Time: TBD

Action Items

Task Owner Due Date Status
Send letter to Bernard Foster summarizing community requests to be included in executive summary Charlotte Williams March 1, 2023 Completed
Provide summary/objective for intentions of Intermediate Care Facilities planned for Highland location to GHCA for review and revision Tuerk House March 16, 2023 In Process, GHCA letter sent to Tuerk House


GHCA to review and revise summary/objective provided by Tuerk House GHCA TBD
Draft and provide MOU for Intermediate Care Facilities planned for Highland to GHCA for review Tuerk House TBD
Schedule and hold follow-up meeting(s) with community members/neighbors to discuss documents provided by Tuerk House GHCA TBD
Schedule next due date(s) for revised summary/objective for intentions of Intermediate Care Facilities planned for Highland GHCA TBD
Review revised draft summary/objective Intermediate Care Facilities GHCA, Community Members TBD